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The Offspring: Days Go By

Saeed Saeed reviews The Offspring's latest album, titled Days Go By.

The Offspring

Days Go By



The California punks The Offspring's staid career received a second wind in 1998 when the novelty singles Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) and Why Don't You Get a Job? topped the global music charts. However, such success created a monster and since then, the band felt compelled to release such similar novelty material and thus ruin promising albums. Sadly, it's the same with their latest, Days Go By. It is a frustrating listen because the ninth album contains some of the strongest material the four-piece have produced in more than a decade.

The hurtling one-two punch of the opener The Future is Now and Secrets from the Underground get the album off to a great start with Dextar Holland's punchy vocals and Noodles's trademark spitfire riffs. If one suspends the fact that the title track is a plain rip-off of the Foo Fighters's Times Like These, both musically and lyrically, it is actually a fine piece of pop-rock. However, all that energy is squandered with the awful California Cruising, a lame attempt at a summer pop song channelling Katy Perry's California Gurls and 2-Pac's California Love. The hurt continues with the faux reggae of OC Guns, which has Holland singing in Spanglish. Delete those songs from the playlist and you have a decent record.