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The Killers' latest album Battle Born

Soft rock fans will approve of The Killers new album which has hints of Journey and Peter Gabriel.

The Killers Battle Born



The Killers' rock and roll credentials have been called into question recently, after the presidential nominee Mitt Romney nominated them as his favourite band.

While everyone from Twisted Sister to Phil Lynott's mother were berating Romney's campaign for using or liking their music, the Las Vegas outfit remained stuffily neutral. The tub-thumping theme of their fourth album could ring a little hollow then, but thankfully Brandon Flowers's quartet are in fine form here.

Named after the slogan that graces Nevada's state flag, Battle Born bursts forth with a great tribal wave of militaristic chants and drums on Flesh and Bone and Runaway. The title also refers to the laborious recording process. Five producers were involved, which sounds like a recipe for confusion but, in fact, helps keep things fresh and varied.

Heart of a Girl - co-written by the U2 producer Daniel Lanois - is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground's lovely Sweet Jane, with Flowers sounding oddly like Bono. Miss Atomic Bomb is classic early Killers, while softer-rock fans will appreciate hints of Journey and 1980s Peter Gabriel along the way. Mitt might well approve.