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The Editors try to broaden appeal with new album

The Birmingham boys have ditched the atmospherics for The Weight of Your Love, their most radio-friendly release yet.

The Editors

The Weight of Your Love



The Editors have done a Snow Patrol. Sick of the brooding tag, the Birmingham boys have followed the Irish rockers' successful move of ditching the atmospherics for their most radio-friendly release yet. No more Joy Division comparisons here. References now include U2, The Boss and R.E.M.

The opener, The Weight, kicks things off rather well. The light folk touch is undercut by the lead singer Tom Smith's stark baritone vocals declaring: "I'm a lump of meat with a heartbeat."

The decent single A Ton of Love is built upon chiming Peter Buck-esque riffs with Smith going full throttle in the chorus. In some instances, The Editors' commercial ambitions falls short. What Is This Thing Called Love aspires to tug heart strings, but the piano ballad feels like a cynical attempt to write a Coldplay torch song complete with falsetto.

And Nothing is sadly true to its word, more an exercise in mood than a genuine stab at a tune. The Weight of Love may open The Editors up to new fans - at the risk of losing their existing base. Let's see if it works.

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