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Specter at the Feast takes fans back to debut album

The album contains the San Francisco trio's most cohesive sets of songs yet.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Specter at the Feast



Back in 2001, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club unleashed their self-titled debut album containing the punk blast Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘N’ Roll? Much to the dismay of their record label, the San Francisco trio were not charismatic, preferring to stare grimly on album covers rather than being snapped hanging out with A-listers.

But put them on stage and they elicit a mighty racket so primal it can even awaken the most jaded rocker. Too bad the group’s albums have not been as consistent as their live shows.

The group released five albums that were largely hit-and-miss affairs, mixing blues rock with some folky Americana. Fortunately, Specter at the Feast contains their most cohesive set of songs yet.

The new-found, high-quality control sees the vengeful rockers Rivals and Hate the Taste sitting well alongside the gentler moments of Lullaby and the gospel-tinged Some Kind of Ghost. Fire Walker and Lose Yourself are also a treat for long-time fans – epic, droning guitars were not heard with such splendour since their debut album.