x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

RZA: The Man with the Iron Fists

A standout soundtrack that perfectly accompanies the martial arts film


The Man with the Iron Fists

(Soul Temple)


After executive-producing the soundtracks for Kill Bill and Afro Samurai, Wu Tang Clan's leader RZA does the same for the Quentin Tarantino-produced The Man with the Iron Fists - a film RZA also co-wrote, directed and starred in. Asiatic flutes juxtapose with mammoth rap verses on this standout release. The eloquently honest raps and soulful beats of Kanye West's White Dress are reminiscent of the rapper's Graduation-era material, making this stellar track an unquestionable album highlight. RZA teams up with the rock duo The Black Keys on the bluesy Baddest Man Alive, while Corrine Bailey Rae lends her sweet vocals to the emotive Chains, recorded on two-inch tape to give it a vintage soulful feel. The iconic Chinese singer Frances Yip, who has featured heavily on John Woo film soundtracks in the past, injects some Oriental zest into this soundtrack with Green is the Mountain. Dialogue from the film, cinematic instrumentals and descriptive wordplay make for a thought-provoking soundtrack that expertly accompanies the film and sonically documents its cinematic highs and lows to perfection.

* Reem Buhazza