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Prince's full discography has been added to TikTok

The 'Purple Rain' singer's estate is hoping the move will introduce a new generation of fans to his work

Prince's entire musical catalogue has been added to the video app TikTok. AP Photo
Prince's entire musical catalogue has been added to the video app TikTok. AP Photo

TikTokers will now be able to put their creative spin on Purple Rain, U Got The Look and Batdance, as the Prince estate has added the artist’s entire musical catalogue to the video application.

TikTok is the first app of its kind to get access to the star’s work, a noteworthy accomplishment given how popular the short-form video format has become.

Prince’s estate is hoping the move will help introduce a new generation of fans to the falsetto-singing guitar virtuoso’s work.

However, much like the other music available on the app, TikTokers won’t have access to the full tracks. Instead, only 15-second snippets will be available to the app’s users.

Prince’s estate has also created an official TikTok account: @prince.4.ever. The account features the artist’s music, video clips, and a segment of a TV interview.


Prince in his first ever television interview back in 1985. #prince4ever #blackvoices #blacklivesmatter

♬ original sound - prince.4.ever

According to The Verge, Prince was famously protective of his work and had pulled his music from most streaming music apps in 2015, a year before his death.

However, in 2017, a number of Prince’s albums returned to Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

“Prince was known for breaking boundaries and TikTok has proven to do so as well,” Troy Carter, the entertainment adviser for the Prince estate, said in a statement to Rolling Stone.

“With the addition of Prince’s full catalogue on TikTok, it is our hope that a new generation of global fans can find meaning in Prince’s music, and be inspired to create.”

The app has become one of the most-used song discovery tools in the past year. Several top singles that are on the Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Songs right now – including Dababy and Roddy Ricch’s Rockstar – went viral on Tik Tok. The app also paved the success of Lil Nas X’s diamond-certified track Old Town Road, helping the artist land a record deal with Columbia Records.

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