x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst and Jibberish take to Dubai stage

Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst and Jibberish perform for Fortlom: 3 Kings in Dubai. Click for more details.

Since it launched just over a year ago, the Fortlom (For the Love of Music) concert series has been doing its best to provide something different from international pop chart toppers. And Wednesday's show at The Music Room is perhaps the most exciting to date, featuring three of the region's leading rappers, dubbed the "3 Kings".

Fresh from his appearance in the documentary Lyrics Revolt about hip-hop and the Arab Spring (which premiered in Doha last week), Omar Offendum will be joined by The Narcicyst, a long-time face in the regional hip-hop community and also a star of City of Life.

Appearing before these two comes Jibberish, the Dubai-based rapper formerly of the Diligent Thought collective, who has been forging a solo career since his first mixtape, Low Light Conditions, was launched in April. Tonight will be Jibberish's debut live performance of his new song Reach.

"Usually, I stick to more old-school sounds," he says. "But I got my producers back in on it and we tried to make it more current, with synths and electro sounds to add more colour."

And Jibberish is hoping that it's something the crowd will get behind. "The hooks are certainly catchy. It's just five words: flow, reach, sky, fly, away. I'm hoping to get some crowd interaction going, but you know what Dubai crowds are like," he laughs.

Fortlom: 3 Kings takes place tonight at The Music Room in Dubai's Majestic Hotel. Tickets are Dh100