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'Music is from the soul'

q&a Massari is a Lebanese­-Canadian R&B artist whose new single, In Love Again, has just been released.

The R&B performer Massari is working on his second album.
The R&B performer Massari is working on his second album.

There's been a lot of growth since the last album, both personally and professionally. I have more stories to tell, more experiences to share with my fans. I worked with a lot of producers from the first album. Sometimes people get misguided and think that with success they must change their whole team, but I beg to differ. It's that element you started with that led you to ­success, so you should nurture it even more.

I've experienced a lot of things that have helped me become more of the artist that I am. Leaving my past recording label has allowed me more freedom on this album and the ability to explore areas of music I couldn't before. I believe in investing in myself and I put everything on the line because I believe that my craft, my talent and my music is something that people want to hear at this point of time.

Honestly, it's a lot of fun. The ­recording process is very creative and you have to be able to vibe out with the people that you're with. Otherwise, if you do something because you have to, it'll reflect in the music. Music is from the soul and it's got to have that certain type of positive energy for it to come out right.

The first single is one that I was comfortable getting back into the game with. In the future there's a lot more heart in the videos and singles, a lot more of me. I want my fans to see that it's not always about bling-bling. For the next ­video, I'm looking to make sure we do something that'll shock everybody.

I have song called Heaven in Your Eyes where I sing in Arabic. There could also be a collaboration with a major Arabic artist. That's still in the works right now.

I'm still in the process of finishing the album and I want to take my time with it. I always look forward to touring. To tell you the truth, I love it. To go out there, do what I love to do and see my fans. ­Especially in the Middle East.

My Middle Eastern fans are very special to me, they've been by me from the very beginning and have been very accepting of my music. I'm always going to be there for my people, for my country. I'm very proud of the fact that I'm a Middle Eastern man and a North American doing what I do.

I don't dwell on trying to compete with other artists. I've been able to create my own sound. People will always be able to point me out on a track if I'm collaborating with another artist and say, "Oh, that's Massari". At the same time, I support all these people who are trying to make it in this business, especially my fellas from the Middle East. Because, to me, they're making our people proud, which makes me a happy man.

A lot of artists are being hurt by downloading. But when I started my career, I was very happy with the fact that people were downloading my music at all. At the same time, I pray that people start realising that it is very important for artists that their CDs get sold and that even if they're downloading they do it legally.