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The British indie rock band's new album features thoughtful lyrics and winning melodies.

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One of the great, lost British groups, the Broken Family Band were a mock country act who evolved into acclaimed indie rockers before eventually giving up their dreams of glory in 2009.

Thankfully, their frontman Steven Adams still aspires to be on music’s big stages and this is the second fine collection of songs from his new quartet, after 2010’s knowingly witty Everybody Friends Now.

The follow-up is ostensibly a concept album about London but is really obsessed with the changing nature of relationships – from the dying friendships of You Drew a Line (which sounds like a squelchy, electronic Snow Patrol) and the jaunty Dead End, to Building a Wall’s angry coda about the antisocial nature of social networks: “We’ve talked ourselves stupid, bleating away on a million computers”.

Awash with thoughtful words and winning melodies, elsewhere on Moves there are echoes of the Beta Band and numerous nods to Belle & Sebastian – both low-key acts that enjoyed unexpected success in the US, partly due to popping up in quirky movies. Adams just needs to be heard by the right director.