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Keyboardist Dizzy Reed on Guns N' Roses

The Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed remembers his 'trippy' Abu Dhabi experience.

Guns N' Roses keyboardist Keyboardist Dizzy Reed. Ethan Miller / Getty Images / AFP
Guns N' Roses keyboardist Keyboardist Dizzy Reed. Ethan Miller / Getty Images / AFP

Five years on and the Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed feels Chinese Democracy will begin to make sense to listeners.

Speaking before the hard rockers’ return to Yas Island on Thursday, Reed says the band’s dense sixth album wasn’t designed for easy listening.

“It’s not like it’s Led Zeppelin’s [fourth album] IV where you can just sit there and listen to it beginning to end,” he says.

“There is a lot of information on the record to digest. It needs three or four listenings and then, over time, you will begin to realise there is something in there for everybody. I think over time people will think it’s a fantastic record.”

While the album’s lacklustre sales prove otherwise, the masses have enthusiastically embraced the return of Guns N’ Roses to the live touring circuit.

After a tough time in 2001, with a string of cancelled dates and no-shows, the band have been touring regularly since 2006. Reed shared fond memories of their maiden Abu Dhabi tour in 2010.

“It was trippy,” he chuckles.

“We saw Emirates Palace and saw the world’s most expensive Christmas tree. We also caught a soccer game and this yacht club – it was pretty amazing.”

Reed says the band’s set has evolved since their last Abu Dhabi appearance. As well as the hits, he describes the set list as more representative of the band’s career.

“When it comes to the band’s line-up, I think this is probably the best combination,” he says.

“We are also changing things up with the songs. There is more material in the set and the show, I think, has a great flow and keeps us on our toes.”

And that’s how the band’s leader,  Axl Rose, likes it.

Reed explains the singer’s demand for dedication is often led by example.

“All the time I spent with Axl in the studio and watching how hard he prepares to go on stage every night; if that was anybody else – I would never work as hard,” Reed says.

“I would also not be as good as I am because of that – and that’s why I will always be grateful.”


Guns N’ Roses play at du Arena on Yas Island on Thursday. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets start at Dh250 from www.thinkflash.ae or 800 FLASH (35274)

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