x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Kasabian: Velociraptor!

The latest from Kasabian may not be inspirational, but it keeps the band firmly planted in their musical kingdom.




With Beady Eye yet to near the greatness Gallagher Jnr has promised, and Gallagher Snr's High Flying Birds seemingly taking things in an altogether gentler direction, the post-Oasis lad rock scene is Kasabian's to dominate.

And with Velociraptor!, the UK band's fourth studio album, they clearly mark out their musical fortifications, taking in those classic, reliable influences of the Stone Roses, The Beatles, Primal Scream and, curiously, the Ting Tings.

Any concerned fans who might have heard the teaser single Switchblade Smiles - which emerged in June and wavered between Chemical Brother-style dance and Eastern-influenced space rock - don't fear, the rest of the album has the boys in familiar territory.

A filthy riff forms the basis for Days of Forgotten, which is fairly uninspiring but will undoubtedly have many arms-aloft moments over the next 12 months. It's arguably the opening and closing tracks that are the standouts. Let's Rock and Roll Like We Used To kicks things off in an up-tempo, upbeat manner, all shuffling drums and explosive strings, while the reverb-soaked Neon Noon finishes things off with rather un-Kasabian mournful vocals.

Velociraptor! might not be inspirational - the musical references are too clearly defined - but should be enough to keep the band reigning over their kingdom for the near future.