x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Justin Bieber 90 minutes late for sellout Dubai Believe show

Justin Bieber's first Dubai concert begann with a chorus of boos before the opening notes. The 19 year old Canadian was nearly two hours late after failing to show up at the 8pm showtime.

Many in the crowd at Dubai Sevens Stadium Saturday night were less than impressed with Justin Bieber, who echoed an earlier show in London by keeping his young fans waiting to see him for almost two hours - on a school night.

After about an hour it was too much for some of the most ardent fans, who began showing their feelings with a chorus of boos and thumbs down. "This is very bad," said Ravi Dewany, at the 90-minute markDewany and his two children, ages 13 and 14, flew in from Mumbai last night specifically for the concert. "I am worried about them because they are in the fan pit. They can't move for food or water as they will lose their place."When a 10-minute countdown sign finally appeared, it was not much comfort to parents. "I am very disappointed," Dewany said, "it's very late."

Kiran Alphonso, from Dubai, claimed the singer placed her diabetic daughter at risk. “It is not worth it,” she said. “Today she was stuck there [in the fan pit] since 5.30. This is too much for her and I may get rid of the tickets tomorrow.”Maria Wylde slammed Bieber’s lack of contrition. “He didn’t even apologise for coming late. That is appalling,” said the Dubai resident.

Watching the show with her sons, Aston, 13, and Harrison, 15, Wylde was unimpressed by Bieber’s lip synching and stage production. “I didn’t come here to see a video. I could have stayed at home for that,” she said. “He didn’t even fully sing any of the songs. He looked really tired and I think people are pushing him too much.”

Aston, however, forgave the tardiness. “That was no good, I suppose, but the videos were great. I thought it was a good show.”

Ten year old Kavyaa Modak was “super angry” Bieber was late. “But he made it up to me,” she said. “It was such a great show and he played all my favourite songs.” Her father, Nimish, called Bieber’s performance hugely entertaining. “For me it is different,” he said. “I came here with three other fathers and to see our daughters jump around and having so much fun makes it all worth it at the end. ”It was Bieber’s positive message that resonated with Abu Saleh. The Kuwaiti flew in with his 13-year-old daughter to attend the show. “He has a good attitude and for him to tell this young generation to dream and believe is a very good thing,” he said. “It is good to have a young star spreading such positive ideas.”