x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Dubai-based Triple W hosts a battle of the Gulf bands

Local rock bands have the chance to shine as part of a new music competition.

Local rock bands have the chance to shine as part of a new music competition.

The Zippo Makshouf Battle of the Bands, organised by the Dubai-based music site Triple W and the lighter manufacturer Zippo, are calling out for entrants from across the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to join a competition which could have them create a music video and their very own -rockumentary to share with fans. The Triple W co-founder Paul Kelly says the competition is about providing bands with options for -exposure.

“Over the past few years I’ve seen and heard some incredibly talented musicians in the Middle East who simply don’t have access to the right channels to go mainstream,” he says. “By partnering with Makshoof, Zippo will be helping support music in a very innovative, interactive way.”

Bands have until Sunday to register for the event and will undergo three stages before receiving -prizes.

Phase one requires the group to visit the competition website and fill out the registration form in addition to creating a band profile.

After a review of the profiles by the competition judges, the top three bands will record a music video as well as a filming session with interviews about the band’s history and creative output.

The music clips and documentary footage will then go on the competition’s website and Facebook page, where fans can vote for the band’s prizes, which include studio time, a photo shoot or making a further music video.

Zippo’s spokesperson David Warfel says the competition should reveal a new generation of talent from the gulf.

“We are very excited to be supporting the talent and creativity of young, emerging rock bands in the Middle East.”


For more details go to www.triplew.me/zippo