x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

DMX returns with Undisputed

The rap veteran's latst offering sees him asserting his presence.



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The greatly misunderstood rap veteran DMX returns after a lengthy hiatus with his seventh album Undisputed. Seasoned fans will revel in the fact that he has remained fiercely true to his style and hasn’t sold out to appeal to a new audience.

This record is markedly devoid of the autotune, superfluous big-name guest features and nursery-rhyme punchline raps that saturate most of today’s hip-hop. In an age where attempts to reinvent the wheel are becoming increasingly cliché, DMX’s stubborn adherence to his blueprint almost seems revolutionary.

Female R&B guest vocals on songs such as Sucka For Love and Cold World provide a sweet contrast to his trademark growl, and Head Up and Slipping Again are heartfelt tracks that delve into deeply personal territory, shedding light on the rapper’s struggle with his recent troubles.

DMX returns to a hip-hop arena that couldn’t be any more different than the one he conquered a decade ago, yet he clearly doesn’t care about changing himself to fit in. Undisputed sees him asserting his presence and daring anyone to challenge it.