Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 18 November 2018

Celine Dion: My Love - Ultimate Essential Collection

If Celine Dion is one of your guilty pleasures, you're likely to want to keep this one in your car so you can sing along when no one else is around.

Céline Dion is one of those artists who a good many people have concealed on their iPods. Go on, admit it. Most of you might not even know that you do, but there lurks the Canadian chanteuse in the guise of a film soundtrack. The latest CD to be released by her canny record company is called My Love, and subtitled Ultimate Essential Collection. A double-whammy there, guys. Presumably they released the boring old "ultimate" love collection last year, the "essential" collection the year before that. It is also, surely, stating the obvious to name a Céline Dion album My Love, because past performances indicate that she hardly ever sings of anything murky like war or gun-toting gangsters. No, for Celine it is love in all its forms. And there's plenty of the stuff on this album. A full 26 tracks in all over two discs, though not one of them is new material. Still, for fans of the genre the slush-quota is high enough to keep them happy. Included on the discs are The Power of Love, My Heart Will Go On and It's All Coming Back To Me Now (all seven-and-a-half minutes of it. Seriously, Céline?). There are duets with Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli and R Kelly, too, not to mention a cover of River Deep Mountain High in which she has a stab at playing Tina Turner. It's the kind of album to keep in your car for singing along to. Preferably when no one else is motoring along with you, mind.