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Bieber briefs: Singer asks Russia to rise

Plus: Cyrus tells Bieber to live in the moment; Virgin Radio DJ claims he knows Bieber's Dubai hotel; find out which lucky fan will meet Bieber in person.

At his concert in St Petersburg on Sunday, Justin Bieber asked the audience to enjoy the show standing up. A fan posted snippets on YouTube, with Bieber saying: "If I could be on the stage performing for over an hour for you guys, jumping all around, the least you can do is stand up, right? So everybody stand up! This isn't a baseball game, come on, this is a party." Bieber even singled out people who remained in their seats.

Cyrus's advice for Bieber

Miley Cyrus has revealed to Elle UK that she told Bieber he needs to live in the moment or else he won't have any memories to look back on. Cyrus said she was out one night with Bieber and he spent the entire time taking pictures. "I noticed he was taking all these photos of people and I just grabbed him and said, 'Just take a snapshot in your brain of this moment, so you don't forget'."

Bieber's Dubai hotel?

The Virgin Radio DJ Myles Till Midnight stirred some buzz among the Middle East's Beliebers when he posted on Twitter: "I know where Justin Bieber's staying Dubai! Shhh don't tell anyone!" While we doubt he'll reveal where, it might be worth keeping a watch on Twitter @OnAirMyles.

Which fan will meet Bieber?

HP Middle East is about to announce the winner of its Twitter contest, which required fans to explain why they should be chosen to meet Bieber in person. Read the submissions by searching on Twitter: #HPBelieber.

Meanwhile, the satirical news site Pan-Arabia Enquirer launched a contest of its own, with no actual details, just an instruction to "follow @ArabiaEnquirer to win a date with Justin Bieber". The post is accompanied by a picture of Bieber and a single date fruit.

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