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Beyoncé performs at United Nations

Plus, Sean Penn is in talks to helm a Warner Bros film; Russell Crowe climbs a mountain to get to work; and Cameron Diaz is working on a fitness book.

Beyonce performs at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. AP Photo
Beyonce performs at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. AP Photo

Beyoncé has serenaded the United Nations. She performed her song I Was Here on Friday in the UN's General Assembly Hall in honour of World Humanitarian Day on August 19. A music video of the performance will debut the same day. Anderson Cooper hosted, saying with a laugh: "Is this what happens at the UN every Friday night?" – AP

Sean Penn in talks to direct memoir

Sean Penn is negotiating a return to the director's chair since his acclaimed 2007 drama Into the Wild. Variety magazine reports the actor is in talks to helm the Warner Bros film Crazy for the Storm, based on the 2009 bestseller by Norman Ollestad, who at age 11 was the sole survivor of a plane crash. Penn is planning only to direct, not star. The filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron was previously attached to the project. – AP

Crowe struggles to reach set of Noah

Russell Crowe had to climb mountains – literally – to reach the set of his new movie, Noah, based on the biblical story. The film is shooting in Iceland. "I'm living on a vast plain of volcanic ash in the lee of a volcanic glacier. The commute to work is a hike up a mountain," Crowe posted on Twitter. "Wind tears the volcanic desert, ash and sand arching in 40 foot waves across the plain." Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Noah co-stars Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson. – IANS

Cameron Diaz working on fitness book

Cameron Diaz's latest project is all about looking and feeling good: a book on health and wellness, currently untitled and scheduled for publication next year. According to her publisher HarperCollins, the book will offer advice on fitness, nutrition and general well-being. The publisher says Diaz hopes to "engage and empower" women. Diaz, who turns 40 this month, has spoken often about the importance of fitness and her "desire to share advice". – AP

Eminem thanks fans for help in dark times

Eminem, who has battled drug addiction, thanked fans at a New York concert on Thursday for helping him get through dark times. "I wouldn't have gotten out of that dark place without you all," he said, before performing his Grammy-winning song Not Afraid. Eminem, 39, said the performance was "dedicated to anybody who's been through personal struggles". His climb to sobriety is detailed in his 2010 album Recovery. It was the year's best-selling album. – AP