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Album review: will.i.am - #willpower

The musical depth of will.i.am¿s latest record is staggeringly limited by the vapid confines of the club environment.




Countless album pushbacks and a stolen hard drive later, will.i.am finally releases his fourth solo effort, #willpower. The multi-platinum producer and songwriter's use of the ubiquitous hashtag in the title manages to encapsulate the zeitgeist of the Twitter generation while also reeking of shameless self-promotion.

The record features the standout smash hit This Is Love featuring Eva Simons, along with the laughably irritating Scream & Shout that lists Britney Spears's cringeworthy attempt at a British accent as just one of its numerous aural horrors.

The internet-centric theme of this album is glaringly evident on Geekin, a show-off anthem that sees will.i.am proclaim that he makes "Google money", compare himself to Mark Zuckerberg, and actually utter the word "hashtag" in the span of one track. While the record is limited by the club environment that it flat-out refuses to leave, you can't really fault him for it - he is perfectly content with churning out contemporary party pop and isn't really concerned with trying to prove otherwise.


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