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3OH!3: Omens

Slithery synths and catchy choruses feature in the American duo's latest record.





3OH!3 are as obnoxious as their name. The American duo first made waves back in 2007 with their blend of humour and thumping electro beats. It should be a recipe for disaster but as the boys’ well-received albums proved, they know the difference between a bad joke and a tongue-in-cheek one.

Omens finds the shtick becoming tired with more odes to partying and a plethora of pop-culture references. Even Dubai gets a mention in the irreverent Eyes Closed. The metropolis is mentioned as a metaphor for ambition: “This is Dubai / We the biggest in the game – we the highest in the sky.”

You’re Gonna Love This is a highlight courtesy of those slithery synths and catchy chorus. Two Girl Friends brings out the guitars and thunderous drums with lyrical references to Lindsay Lohan and Skrillex. Ironically, things go awry for 3OH!3 when they stretch out. With dozens of tracks devoted to partying, it’s hard to take 3OH!3 seriously when acting all sensitive in the stagnant Make it Easy and Back to Life. They should stick to what they know best – and just do it better.



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