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Life lessons: GabyGaby

The Dutch multimedia artist shares his wisdom with M.
The Dutch multimedia artist GabyGaby shares his wisdom with M.
The Dutch multimedia artist GabyGaby shares his wisdom with M.

The Dutch multimedia artist GabyGaby, 43, is known for his unusual approaches to music, trends, iconography and nostalgia. He has shown in New York, Amsterdam, Zurich and Vienna. His solo exhibition at Mojo Gallery in Dubai runs until March 15.


1. There is always a way around an obstacle. As a small boy I was diagnosed with dyslexia but rather than let this get in the way of my dreams, I looked for other outlets for my creativity. What started as something to cover up my "imperfection" became more and more an inexhaustible source of ideas. There is almost nothing that I do not include in my art, from fashion design, to music, to street art. I am inspired by all that life has to throw at me. The key is to open your eyes.

2. Never give up on a dream. If you believe that you are good at something, share it with the world. Start small; it doesn't matter if what you do doesn't make you a champion, just as long as you enjoy it.People will see that in you; you will become a stronger person; you will start doing more things you like and before you know it you will be living your dream, no matter how big or small it might be.

3. Life is art and art is life. Art is all around us and is only limited by ourselves. When I first started painting I couldn't afford expensive art materials, so I used cardboard from a bicycle shop. There is nothing that I won't consider using - I mix paint with Diet Coke, I glue, I stitch, I Photoshop. My FlowerPower2.0 show includes an app and augmented reality that adds another layer to my work.

4. Lead, don't follow. I know we can't all be leaders, but if you do things a little differently in a way you believe in, the world will see it that way, too. The more I do it my way, the more people like it, and then suddenly the way you did it differently becomes the norm... and then it's time to turn another way again.

5. Give and you receive. If you are nice to people without expectations of any kind, everything you do will be rewarded. Things always come back to you one way or another.


As told to Jemma Nicholls


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