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Jay Leno takes a pay cut as The Tonight Show drops staff

Plus, Tom Hanks takes on JFK drama, and the US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has a cameo on 90210.

Jay Leno. AP
Jay Leno. AP

Jay Leno takes a pay cut as The Tonight Show drops staff

The Tonight Show laid off about two dozen workers on Friday, prompting the host Jay Leno to accept a 30-per-cent pay cut to spare other staffers as NBC clamped down on expenses. The payroll purge affected about 10 per cent of the nearly 200 people who work on The Tonight Show, still the top-rated late-night programme in the US. "Jay's foremost concern is for the wonderful people who work with him," said Leno's representative. "He did what was necessary to ensure their well-being." - AP

Tom Hanks takes on JFK death drama

Tom Hanks is producing a new film about John F Kennedy's assassination. Titled Parkland, the film is helmed by the first-time director Peter Landesman. The ensemble drama will revolve around the events surrounding JFK's shooting in Dallas in 1963. The film's title refers to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where Kennedy was rushed after the shooting. Oliver Stone's 1991 movie JFK came under fire for supposedly taking too many liberties when it came to historical details.

Jeremy Renner to play Steve McQueen

Jeremy Renner will play the Hollywood legend in a new film loosely based on Marshall Terrill's 1993 biography Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel. "I think he's an icon. The film will be more a slice of life but we're still figuring it out. I can't wait to jump into it," Renner said. "Biopics are really tough. It's hard to tell someone's life story in two hours. He was a walking dichotomy – the most stingy person, and then the most giving." - IANS

Olympic champ Ryan Lochte has 90210 cameo

The US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has dipped his toe in the acting pool with a cameo in the drama series 90210. "Everyone was really nice. They helped me out," said Lochte. "Hopefully, I killed it through the end." The episode will air on October 29. Producers say there's no water involved in the scene, adding that Lochte "deserves a little rest on dry land". Lochte has also expressed interest in appearing on The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. - AP

Abby Elliott exiting Saturday Night Live

After appearing for four seasons, Abby Elliott is leaving Saturday Night Live. Her exit was first reported on Wednesday by the comedy website Splitsider. NBC declined to comment but a source familiar with the show's casting changes confirmed the news. Elliott adds to the high-profile departures of Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg from the sketch institution. The 38th season of Saturday Night Live will premiere on September 15. - AP