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James Cameron Hollywood's biggest earner in 2010

James Cameron was Hollywood's highest earner in 2010, but who came second? Vanity Fair's annual list has the answer.

It will come as little surprise to most people that James Cameron, the king of the blockbuster, has topped Vanity Fair's annual list of Hollywood's 40 biggest earners.

In the year that his 3D extravaganza Avatar became the highest-grossing film in history, Cameron took home US$257 million (Dh944m) - more than double the $100m that Johnny Depp, in the number two spot, earned.

The film's success moved Cameron up three places, from number four in the 2009 list. Third place was held by Steven Spielberg with $80m - $50m of which the magazine attributes to Universal Theme Park royalties and consulting fees.

In fourth place was the British director Christopher Nolan, with total earnings of $71.5m - $69m of which came from Inception and the rest from revenue from older films, including 2008's The Dark Knight. Also in the top 10 were Leonardo DiCaprio, Tim Burton, Adam Sandler, The Hangover director Todd Phillips, the Twilight star Taylor Lautner and Robert Downey Jr.

The highest-earning actress was Kristen Stewart at number 13. (Robert Pattinson was beaten by both of his Twilight co-stars, coming in at number 15.)

Finally, spare a thought for 2009's numero uno, the Transformers director Michael Bay, who made the top spot on last year's list with earnings of $125 million. Not only did Bay lose his top spot to Cameron, but the Bad Boys director also failed to make 2010's final cut. Still, we're sure that if he asks nicely, Cameron will be glad to help him out.