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Interview with UAE rapper Malikah

Malikah Lynn, an Arabic UAE-based female rapper. Photo Courtesy Didier
Malikah Lynn, an Arabic UAE-based female rapper. Photo Courtesy Didier

Q & A with Malikah 
Your music often focuses on women, freedom and Arab nations, why is that?
I'm one of those people who loves my origin. I love that I am an Arab and I’m proud of it. Arab culture is a beautiful culture, I want to remind them about the culture
Now why I sing about Arab women is because I am a woman and I want to empower other Arab women I want the whole of Arabia united as a whole country.
You seem to embody a lot of energy and a tough personality on stage, do you feel like you are two people in one, (on-stage and off-stage that is)?
I do have what we call an ultar-ego. Malikah is on-stage, that is not Lynn.
Are there any female artists or rappers who influence your style? 
I respect every single female artist. But I like to keep my own style. I like Um Kalthum, Fairouz, Lauren Hill.
What do you hope to achieve from your music, what is your main goal?
I want to make a change. I focus a lot on talking to the youth, maybe if you can change them, they will change their country.
How does it feel being named “The Queen of Arab Rap”?
It feels amazing, its a great honour. Queen as in the person who speaks for the people.
What is the message that you are trying to send out to your listeners?
Hip-hop is an educational music. t's pointless to do hip-hop when you don’t have a message.
How does your performance on-stage differ from when you are in the studio?
The most amazing feeling in the world is when you are on-stage, it feels like I have conquered. Every time you are on stage, you have a battle, either you win the crowd or the crowd wins over you.
What will fans be expecting from your performance tomorrow night at Sorbonne University?
It is unlimited for me. They think that my music will be political, but I am not political, my music is very positive.
• Malika is playing a free show at the Auditorium of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi at 7pm tonight. She is performing as part of the Francophone Festival

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