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Indian films find there's much to favour in Fiji

Friendly tax incentives and a huge variety of picturesque settings make the South Pacific a moviemaking paradise

The Fiji islands are emerging as the latest hot spot for Indian films, with three movies, 3G, Warning and Ammali Tumaali, being shot in the picturesque South Pacific locales in less than a year.

The islands offer several advantages for film shooting aside from the 47 per cent tax rebate the Fiji government offers fully funded overseas film productions, aiming for a boost in tourism. In addition to the scenic locations, the islands have a sizeable Indian community, representing about 37 per cent of its 900,000 population, to draw from for street scenes.

Neil Nitin Mukesh's new film 3G began shooting in Fiji in mid-May, followed by Anubhav Sinha's new venture Warning this month. Sinha, who directed the Shah Rukh Khan-produced movie Ra.One, has begun his debut movie as a producer without any major stars. Warning is billed as a big-budget horror movie, with Sinha already working on a second instalment. Captivated by the islands, Sinha tweeted: "Serene morning from my window on the first day of the shoot."

The scenic beauty of Fiji provides a stark contrast for chilling horror films, and in the case of 3G, a supernatural horror film. It has Neil Mukesh starring opposite Sonal Chauhan and is co-directed by Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber.

The Tamil film Ammali Tumaali, which is being produced by Gemini Industries and Imaging, Chennai, was the first Indian film to be shot in Fiji islands late last year.