x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

From the jungle to the tennis court, this week's top tweets

Kelly Brook has a ball in Dubai, Alec Baldwin plans for the future, Jim Carrey gets philosophical and Andy Roddick sets the record straight. That and much more in our weekly Twitter roundup.

  • "today's survival tip: never underestimate the danger of white water, crevasses, avalanche and a simple cut that gets infected in a jungle." Bear Grylls, September 27


  • "Heidi Klum has insured her legs for 1.3 million. In case she falls on hard times. Or an upturned plug." Jimmy Carr, September 29


  • "If I rehearse everyday for 65 years, I will make my NY Phil conducting debut in 2076. Reserve seats now. #118yearoldconductordebutsatNYPhil" Alec Baldwin, October 1


  • "whateverland is my daughter Alexis' book with Jennifer Hutt - it is hilarious, enlightening, and a grand satire on growing up - fun to read!!!" Martha Stewart, October 1


  • "Hard to maintain my X-Ray vision usage for only good. Limiting using for good to ten hour day." Steve Martin, October 2


  • "Had the most amazing evening at Bab Al Shams. So much food and great dancing. We rode Camels." Kelly Brook, October 4


  • "If u could view the wrld without judgement or the fear of being judged, you'd truly be free bt there would be a lot less to talk about. ?;^)" Jim Carrey, October 4


Ÿ "About this whole 'walked out of a press conference' thing. Moderator announced that it was last question before my retirement response" Andy Roddick, October 4