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Five variations on a Peter Pan theme

With another Peter Pan movie in the works, a look at five previous film versions of the children's classic.

Dustin Hoffman played Captain Hook to Robin Williams' Peter Pan in the 1991 film Hook.
Dustin Hoffman played Captain Hook to Robin Williams' Peter Pan in the 1991 film Hook.

The pouty actress Keira Knightley is to voice the role of Tinker Bell in a new film adaptation of JM Barrie's Peter Pan. A prequel to the much-loved story, Neverland will also feature Anna Friel and Bob Hoskins, with the latter two appearing in the flesh. Here are five other films based on or about the classic children's novel.

Take five: Peter Pan (1924)

The first film adaptation of the novel; this silent movie, a Paramount Pictures production, stars a woman, Betty Bronson, as the ageless Pan.

Take four: Peter Pan (1953)

There is nothing not to love about Walt Disney's first Pan film. It was supposedly the last Disney film to feature the "Nine Old Men" - the group of animators responsible for some of the Disney studio's most successful films.

Take three: Hook (1991)

Peter Pan (Robin Williams) has grown up, married, had two children and forgotten all about his life in Neverland; that is, until Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) returns, kidnaps his kids and forces him to remember who he really is.

Take two: Peter Pan (2003)

Starring Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook, and Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan, this version of the book was a critical success thanks to the director's decision to follow the original story as closely as possible.

Take one: Finding Neverland (2004)

An adaptation of the events that led JM Barrie to create his iconic character, starring Johnny Depp as the Scottish writer. The film was nominated for a number of Oscars - including Best Actor, for Depp - and made more than US$100 million (Dh367m) worldwide.