x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Five minutes with: Cristiana di Marchi at Artscape

At last night's Artscape we asked Cristiana de Marchi, an artist and curator from Italy who has lived in the region for 15 years dividing her time between Beirut and Dubai, to tell us her thoughts. Q: What do you think of Artscape?

A: Artscape is a very interesting initiative, a first of its kind in the UAE. It bridges all types of arts as a cultural whole which is quite new and makes for a very interesting event.

Q: Are there audiences here that you wouldn't normally see at art events?

A: There is definitely a wide audience here tonight, however the nature of Artscape has generated a certain curiosity and people are here to see different types of artists, such as actors and poets perform. It’s very interesting for the audience to experience different aspects of art that they may not be so familiar with.

Q: How do you think events like this help to grow the artistic community in the UAE?

A: I believe events like this help to create a certain type of community. Culture as a whole is very abstract in the Emirates. This event in particular is interesting because the majority of artists are Arabic speaking with a few exceptions. The event therefore represents local artists and international artists who live here and contribute to the local art scene and its growth.

Q: Finally, Emirati Expressions: Realised is an important exhibition, do you think it gives a good insight to the artists of the Emirates?

A: I believe Emirati Expressions: Realised gives a great insight into a specific generation of Emirati artist. They have accomplished international attention but have lacked the big project, and therefore represents a possibility that has been fulfilled.