x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Filmmaker Philip Bloom offers weekend workshops

For wannabe filmmakers who have a bit of experience but need to take it to that oft-mentioned next level, help is on hand this weekend with some one-day and two-day courses in Dubai with the British video expert.

The British filmmaker Philip Bloom is in Dubai for the next three days to host workshops that could give you everything you need to create the next YouTube video sensation.

The one-day and two-day video and film workshops are being held from today until Saturday at the Light House Studio in Al Quoz and, according to Bloom, are "designed to strengthen key areas and bring new ideas".

Bloom, who is well-known for his digital single-lens reflex filmmaking (which he's used on a Lucasfilm title, no less), says the classes - which he doesn't recommend to absolute beginners - combine technical details and creativity. "Ideally, people will come away from either course with more confidence, knowledge and inspiration. What you will learn you can apply to anything you film, from weddings to corporates, from music videos to commercials and much more."

Perhaps the most enticing thing about Bloom's workshops is the equipment that will be available to try out, including the Sony F5, Canon 1DC and Blackmagic.

"It's great to have gear to play with but, at the end of the day, what you will learn from the workshops is information that transcends cameras and all the stuff that people think will make them better filmmakers," he says. "Give a good filmmaker a Canon T2i and give a bad filmmaker a Red Epic and you know who will deliver the best film."

And what about a rather scratched iPhone?

For more information, visit www.lighthouse.ae or call 04 341 9697