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Humble beginnings: Stars who started out as extras

Not everyone who works alongside the big guns on screen remain in the background, some of Hollywood's biggest actors of the modern day started out as extras, can you guess who?

Brad Pitt in a scene from the movie 'Thelma & Louise'.

Courtesy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Brad Pitt in a scene from the movie 'Thelma & Louise'. Courtesy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

It's not all glamour on movie sets. The unsociable hours, the waiting around and the uncomfortable costumes aren't for everyone, but who knows where humble beginnings could lead to for the committed would-be A-lister?

These big names all started out as extras and made it to the big time. Could one of our UAE extras be next?

Brad Pitt

They don't come much bigger than Pitt, who was in the UAE shooting War Machine in 2015, and hopefully sharing some of his wisdom with the local actors on set. The star of blockbusters including Inglourius Basterds and Seven may be a household name now, but he made his big screen debut in Marek Kanievska's 1987 Brett Easton Ellis adaptation Less Than Zero, playing the decidedly unknown “Partygoer / Preppie Kid at Fight”.

Clint Eastwood

Today, actor, director, mayor and living legend Eastwood is surely one of Hollywood's most iconic figures, but he spent much of the 1950s as an extra on the books of Central Casting, appearing in uncredited roles in such B-movie gems as Revenge of the Creature and Tarantula. It wasn't until he landed the role of Rowdy Yates in television series Rawhide in 1959 that his career started taking off on the kind of trajectory that even most A-listers can only dream of.

Megan Fox

Fox is probably best known for her role as Mikaela Baines in the Transformers franchise, but 2007's Transformers wasn't the first time she had worked with director Michael Bay. Her very first big screen role was as “Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall” in Bay's 2003 hit Bad Boys 2. She worked in TV for the next four years before Bay called her up again in 2007, and the rest as they say is history.

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