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Film review: Skyfall

The latest Bond movie delivers slick action sequences and dialogue, and is the best 007 film in years.



A memorable, deliciously twisted villain (Javier Bardem), a damaged yet still cool James Bond (Daniel Craig), and a centre-stage plot for the spy chief M (Judi Dench), all add up to the best Bond movie of recent years and a perfect celebration of the franchise’s 50th anniversary. After a gripping Istanbul opening sequence that leaves Bond near death, our battered hero returns to London to help M as she discovers a hard drive containing the identities of all her undercover agents has fallen into the wrong hands. With nods to many of the previous movies, lashings of the prerequisite Bond girls, cars and exotic locations (Shanghai, Turkey), a witty script, and a truly jaw-dropping finale, the director Sam Mendes’s dark and exciting Skyfall will thrill 007 aficionados and action movie fans alike. Happy birthday, Mr Bond.

Updated: October 25, 2012 04:00 AM



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