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Emraan Hashmi joins Hollywood project

Plus Rajkumar Hirani refutes movie delay rumours, Kabir Khan says Salman Khan is India's James Bond and Irrfan Khan wants more romantic roles.

Emraan Hashmi will play a part in the director Danis Tanovic's next film. AFP
Emraan Hashmi will play a part in the director Danis Tanovic's next film. AFP

The Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi is heading to the US with hopes of finding fame in the West. The star of Gangster and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai is set to feature in the Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic's next film. The Belgian-Bosnian Tanovic is best known for No Man's Land, the Yugoslav War-set movie that scooped the Best Foreign Film at the 2001 Academy Awards. Tanovic's as yet unnamed new project is being co-produced by the Indian studio of the filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. - IANS

Hirani refutes movie delay rumours

The filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani has denied that his latest project, the film PK, is falling behind schedule. Instead, he claims he is busy scouting for locations in Delhi and Rajasthan, while some of his crew started shooting two weeks ago. He added, however, that the principal shooting and photography would not start until January. "All my energies are focused on the film. Nothing has changed. I wanted to capture the winter of Delhi and that's when we start shooting. We are on schedule," said Hirani. PK will star Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma. - IANS

Kabir Khan: Salman is India's James Bond

The director Kabir Khan, who cast Salman Khan as a secret agent in his recent movie Ek Tha Tiger, says the actor has what it takes to be India's version of James Bond. "Salman, I think, has the charisma and the sheer presence that a Bond needs," said the 41-year-old director. "You look at him, he is strong, silent. But you know when he goes into action, there is going to be a lot of thrills." - IANS

Irrfan yearns for more romantic parts

While the actor Irrfan Khan may have made his name in Hollywood, he says he hopes to be offered more romantic roles in his home country in the future. "I love to do romance films. I did Yeh Saali Zindagi and Maqbool. I love to do romantic roles but I need to get a script which convinces me. I can't fake myself," said Khan, who starred in The Amazing Spider-Man and Slumdog Millionaire, and is currently promoting Ang Lee's Life of Pi. "This subject is very tough to be converted into film. It deals with so many issues. It's almost impossible to shoot a tiger, boy and a boat in sea - it's an immense challenge," he said. - IANS