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DVD review: Predators

A sequel of sorts to the 1987 film, this is no more than a good popcorn movie

Predators Director: Nimród Antal Starring: Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Topher Grace


First thing's first: he may be an Oscar-winning actor, but the usually charming Adrien Brody is no match for Arnold Schwarzenegger in this sequel of sorts to the 1987 cult classic. Waking up as he parachutes into unknown territory, the ex-militant-turned-mercenary, Royce (Brody), is soon joined by several other shady characters, all of whom have found themselves in the same position. Initially unsure of whether they are alive - each of them is aware that the insalubrious nature of their careers may have finally resulted in their deaths - the group find an unofficial leader in Royce. Making their way through the forest, destination unknown, the mismatched rabble quickly realise they have been sent to an unspecified alien planet, their new purpose in life to serve as prey for the planet's other inhabitants. Naturally, it is not long before the group begins getting picked off one by one, each cast member being killed off - coincidentally - in ascending order of their celebrity status. Aware of the increasingly dangerous circumstances, it is eventually left up to Royce and the remaining group members to try to find a way back home, all the while kicking as much alien backside as possible. Aside from a small, rather pointless, cameo by Laurence Fishburne - who seems determined to muddy his good name if his recent choice in film roles is anything to go by - this is a surprisingly watchable film, despite the lazy plot. The other glaring weaknesses aside - Brody is as unconvincing as the begrudging hero as the aliens are not, in the slightest bit, scary - Predators is a decent popcorn movie.