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Deep Winter

Few films manage to faithfully capture the energy of sport while still delivering a story worth telling. For every Rocky there are 20 films that aren't even as good as Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately, Deep Winter is one of them. It follows two best friends who decide to be the first people to ski a dangerous Alaskan peak, The Meteorite. Tyler (Eric Lively) has just been booted off of the national downhill skiing team and decides to tag along on his friend Mark's (Kellan Lutz) adventure. The pair are egged on by Stephen (Luke Goss) a gung-ho filmmaker with a trail of injured skiers in his wake, who plans to document their trip. But things get a little difficult on the day they set off, when Mark discovers that Tyler has begun a relationship with his sister. As the pair begin training to take on the deadly slope, Tyler begins to question the motives of those around him and feels his relationship with Mark becoming increasingly strained. A sense of impending catastrophe lingers and is painfully predictable when it finally occurs, (think Goose in Top Gun). Although Deep Winter has some beautiful landscape shots and impressive skiing, it's difficult to watch without thinking you've just switched on the extreme sports channel. The performances are not bad, but about the level of a US high-school drama. Michael Madsen doesn't embarrass himself as the party's rugged helicopter guide, but he probably should have steered clear of this one. Winter sports fanatics may get a kick out of it, but almost everyone else will be left cold.