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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's film debut is the source of mirth

Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef, is the subject of mirth as he makes his big-screen acting debut.

There's never a dull moment in the life of the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In just one week he's come to the defence of his friend Victoria Beckham, whose request to have her meal come without veggies was denied at a posh LA restaurant; he's renewed his contract with the UK's Channel 4, despite a sizeable drop in his TV ratings; and he's also seen his restaurant business return to profit after a couple of years in the red, even with falling sales.

On a slightly more embarrassing note, he's been the subject of much pointing and laughing over his cinematic debut. For reasons only he and his agent can answer, Ramsay appears as himself in an awful-looking romcom called Love's Kitchen, serving up cheesy lines such as "real food, with real heart" and looking about as wooden as the tables in Claridge's. According to the trailer, the story follows a once- famous chef (not Ramsay), whose attempts to serve up world-class cuisine come crashing to the ground following the tragic death of his wife. After much moping, he decides to buy a bistro, with the encouragement of Ramsay, and start all over again, this time with the help of an attractive female restaurant critic.

Cue hilarious consequences, the overcoming of hurdles and the inevitable romantic union, along with the odd splash of Ramsay, and bingo, you've got yourself a turkey. Unfortunately for the savage-tongued chef, they even manage to misspell his name in the credits - Ramsey. Oops.