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The Start-Up of You: Career advice from LinkedIn tycoon

LinkedIn chief Reid Hoffman's self-help book provides useful advice on how to get your career on to the fast track.

The Start-Up of You
Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha
Random House
The Start-Up of You Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha Random House Dh43

With a net worth estimated at $1.8 billion and a reputation as one of the most influential businessmen in Silicon Valley, you could easily feel overwhelmed by Reid Hoffman's new book, which contains guidelines on how to get onto the fast track.

As co-founder of LinkedIn, the business networking website, on which he is understood to have more than 2,000 contacts, it would also be easy to assume that only numbers matter in the furtherance of one's career.

Surprisingly, and rather thankfully, Hoffman and fellow entrepreneur Ben Casnocha suggest a more qualitative approach. Aside from developing soft skills, the emphasis here is on cultivating strong professional relationships (or "alliances") to help your ascent of the career ladder. Hoffman offers a range of examples from his own experiences, along with plenty of helpful tips, which include, but are not limited to, keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date.

Despite the liberal use of the LinkedIn name throughout, this is a self-help book that encourages readers to invest in the best of themselves, and does so without resorting to self-aggrandising bluster.