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The Governor's Wife: A larger-than-life saga

Mark Gimenez has been called the next John Grisham, and his latest is a compelling, if slightly unusual, love story.

The Governor's Wife by Mark Gimenez.
The Governor's Wife by Mark Gimenez.

He’s been described in parts of the media as the next Grisham but Mark Gimenez’s sixth -novel, The Governor’s Wife, zeroes in on a larger-than-life political and family drama set in Texas. For a touch of reality, there’s plenty of name-dropping from the 2008 presidential election.

As the Governor of Texas, Bode Bonner has it all but a ticket to the White House and a wife willing to play second fiddle to his rapidly expanding ambitions. Mrs Bonner meanwhile finds solace in nursing the sick on the Mexican border, alongside handsome, love-struck Dr Jesse Rincon. A bullet from Bode’s gun (aimed at the wrong target) drives the couple closer together for what could possibly be the last time.

Throughout the proceedings, Gimenez draws more from the world of Texas politics than the usual pomp and pageantry. Just as the cut-throat tactics set the pace for a final showdown, the unexpected depth presented by both governor and wife make for a compelling, if slightly unusual, love story.