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Just My Typo: an amusing collection of misteaks

Just My Typo is a whimsical collection of the best typographical errors ever to end up in print.

Just My Typo
Just My Typo

Just My Typo
Compiled by Drummond Moir

Just My Typo delivers a comedy of errors from, among others, The Guardian's correction to correct a correction ("Our apology ... for inacuracies, requires an apology. We meant inaccuracies") to an interesting insight into the mind of one Smith's Weekly editor ("Births, Deaths and Mirages") and Fox News's mistake as history was being forged ("Breaking News: Obama Bin Laden Dead").

Moir, editorial director at Sceptre, also reaches at the future of the typo in "Autocorrect Dytsopia". Naturally, many of those particular predictive text-based examples are too cheek-reddening to reproduce in a family newspaper.

That said, the catalogue of errors he presents is great fun and provides many reminders of Alexander Pope's observation that "to err is human".