Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 25 March 2019

Hind Shoufani on war, love, and loss

Enjoy some excerpts from poems by the Palestinian poet.

Excerpts on three big topics



hands smeared in red paint to

portray, to say, these are the dreams of our children

dead, this is Palestinian

blood smeared on every face left unwept

- from To the Tens of Thousands, In the Streets, Protesting, In My Heart


we are looking for love

in the dusty alleyways of burning cities

in the neon-lit dreariness of disease

in the comfort of arms that hold

and ease

we are all looking for love

in lingering glances that hesitantly


- from Over Dinner


i learn to say goodbye with every hello we share

i learn to clench my pumping heart

to still my grinding teeth

to accept that i am not called upon

that you alone will be able to follow the siren song

- from Cello Talk

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