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Charlotte Street is the road to true love

The right balance of humour and heart-warming moments makes Danny Wallace's novel a refreshing, eye-opening journey.

Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace
Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy blinks and off goes girl, leaving her camera behind. Boy decides to track down girl using the photos he develops. It's hard to put a romantic spin on stalking, but it's not like Danny Wallace hasn't earned a reputation as "one of Britain's greatest writing talents" (from GQ magazine).

Wallace's protagonist, Jason Priestly - not the one from 90210 - thinks life couldn't get any worse. If it isn't the lacklustre freelancing job, it's his ex-girlfriend's latest update on her Facebook page: she's engaged.

The only bright spot so far has been the photos of the girl from Charlotte Street, whom he'd helped with her packages in to a cab that carried her off into the sunset. Then again, Jason's a reluctant believer in Destiny and if her forgotten camera is the one thread binding them together, he's willing to risk all fickle notions of love-at-first-sight to get it back to her.

In Wallace's London, the road to true love is a winding one. And with the right balance of humour and heart-warming moments, it makes for a refreshing, eye-opening journey.