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Book review: The Honey Guide snares the reader from the start

Mollel, a Kenyan policeman, is relentless in trying to find the killer of a young prostitute in this Richard Crompton thriller

The Honey Guide (Mollel 1)
The Honey Guide (Mollel 1)

The Honey Guide

Richard Crompton


The trail of The Honey Guide begins in Nairobi, when the body of a young prostitute is discovered in a drainage ditch. In the heavily corrupt world ruled by the Kenyan elite and their police underlings, the murder looks set to be relegated to the black hole of closed cases until the investigation is assigned to the policeman Mollel.

Though grieving for his own loss, Mollel cannot bring himself to ignore the features of the dead girl that mark her as a fellow Maasai. After managing to scrape together a profile of the victim, he still has to navigate his way through a shady religious cult headed by a bombastic leader while avoiding the convenient red tape placed by his superiors before each potential Pandora's Box of evidence. As the clues pile up however, the signs of further betrayal ahead loom large.

Crompton's introduction to his protagonist - in the first book of a new series - is one worth the is one worth the promise of a few more appearances. With a plot as full of twists as the Kenyan streets he describes, The Honey Guide has readers ensnared from beginning to end.

* Noori Passela