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Book review: Latest of many tomes on Arab Spring by Marwan Bishara is insightful

In The Invisible Arab, the Al Jazeera television host and political analyst Marwan Bishara looks at the citizens at the forefornt of the Arab Spring uprisings and the dangers that await them.

book jacket for The Invisible Arab by Marwan Bishara
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The Invisible Arab

Marwan Bishara

Nation Books

Two years after the first rumblings of the Arab Spring, the tide of "Spring Lit", which previously constituted a sizeable forest in the non-fiction category, appears to have halted for the lack of a fresh angle to take on what are now oft-repeated stories.

Still, as a political analyst for Al Jazeera and host of Empire, one of its most respected shows, Marwan Bishara is in a better position than many to comment further on the revolution and its implications for the future of the Arab world.

As such, The Invisible Arab is more of an appraisal of the citizens at the forefront of the uprisings with emphasis on reducing the myth of western influence on what Bishara sees as a purely Arab phenomenon.

The discussion expands from the chronology of the revolutions to the possibilities and dangers that await the Arab populace, including a brief history of the evolution of its trailblazing youth, dubbed the "Miracle Generation".

His take stands out as refreshing and insightful, as you might expect given his experience, and is a worthy addition to the Arab Spring library.

* Noori Passela