x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Bank of Brazil boss's take provides economic stimulus for readers

The Rise of a New Order is an insightful look at the financial crisis from the Bank of Brazil's head of operations in the UAE.

Carlos Henrique Machado is head of the Bank of Brazil’s operations in the UAE during office hours and, according to his publicist, a cowboy-boot-wearing philosopher and author after the bank closes for the day. The publication of his new book – The Rise of A New Order – marks a convergence of both his professional and personal interests.

Released via Ibis Libris, an imprint based in Rio de Janeiro, Machado begins in the months immediately before the economic storm clouds began to gather as it dawns on him that “something is wrong” in the markets and the fundamentals of global economics cannot be sustained. He then breaks out from the gloom to maintain that the world is now “at a crossroads”.

So far, so familiar. What separates Machado’s book from a run-of-the-mill analysis of the crisis and what might bring it to the attentions of those

outside the 3,000-strong Brazilian expat community in the UAE, is his relatively non-prescriptive take on such matters. The author’s musings are there as much to stimulate debate as they are to offer cast-iron solutions to global problems.