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Baldwin offers to cut pay for 30 Rock

Plus: Adele's Bond song instant hit on iTunes; ABBA's Fältskog prepares comeback; Cee Lo calling fake on Idol feud; DeGeneres wins top humour prize.

Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock. Ali Goldstein / NBC / AP Photo
Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock. Ali Goldstein / NBC / AP Photo

Baldwin offers to cut pay for 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin is willing to cut his salary to do another season of 30 Rock. The show premiered the first episode of its seventh and last season on Thursday. "I offered NBC to cut my pay 20 per cent in order to have a full eighth season of 30 Rock. I realise times have changed," Baldwin wrote on Twitter. His co-star Tina Fey told Entertainment Weekly: "Now not a day goes by that he doesn't go around to the crew and agitate for a season eight: 'You've gotta change your minds!'" * IANS

Adele's Bond song instant hit on iTunes

Adele's Skyfall theme song, released on James Bond Day on Friday, reached the top of the iTunes charts within hours. The theme song premiered in the UK at 00.07am on the singer's website and became available to download immediately, with fans pushing it to No 1. Daniel Craig appeared that night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and said: "When Adele's name came up, I just jumped at it. I just said, 'We have to get her'." Skyfall comes out worldwide on October 26. * IANS

ABBA's Fältskog prepares comeback

Agnetha Fältskog, one of the former members of the Swedish pop band ABBA, is preparing for a comeback and has returned to the recording studio after more than eight years of musical silence. Fältskog, 62, is working alongside the Swedish songwriter Jörgen Elofsson, who has worked for megastars including Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Westlife. * AP

Cee Lo calling fake on Idol feud

After a video leaked online last week of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj fighting on the set of American Idol, the singer Cee Lo Green - a coach on Idol's rival show The Voice - says the feud might have been a publicity stunt for the show. "This is Hollywood, California. Hardly anything's legit," Green told the celebrity news programme TMZ. As for a possible American Idol ratings boost following the fight, he says he's not worried, saying, "I'm not intimidated. I think it's entertainment for everybody."

Gaga passes 30 million followers on Twitter

Lady Gaga has set a social media record by becoming the first person with more than 30 million followers on Twitter. Her nearest rival is the teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, with 28.5 million followers, while Katy Perry has 27.2 million. The 26-year-old pop star also passed the four million mark on Google+ earlier this week. * AFP

DeGeneres wins top humour prize

Jimmy Kimmel, Kristin Chenoweth, Steve Harvey and Lily Tomlin have signed on to honour Ellen DeGeneres with tribute performances as she wins the top humour prize in the US. The Kennedy Center in Washington is awarding DeGeneres the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour on October 22. The line-up also includes John Krasinski, Sean Hayes and Jason Mraz. * AP