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Venice Architecture Biennale: Art of Nexus

Shibly Abubaker. Image provided by Shibly Abubaker
Shibly Abubaker. Image provided by Shibly Abubaker

Today, from the Venice Architecture Biennale, intern Shibly Abubaker brings us this report from the Japanese Pavilion as part of an ongoing series with The Art Blog and the National Pavilion of the UAE.

Shibly writes: At the base of the Japanese pavilion there is an open space which links the exterior and the interior of the pavilion and also a void in the first floor of the pavilion gives a sense of connection to these two spaces.

Curated by Yoshiyuki Yamana, a Professor in the Department of Architecture at Tokyo University of Science, the Pavilion is titled EN: Art of Nexus, a term derived from the Japanese word Engawa, which refers to an outdoor space of a traditional Japanese house where the family would meet visitors which symbolises both relationship and opportunity. The post war period in Japan saw the development of many new projects and saw a boom in the field of architecture with great architects like Kisho Kurokawa and Tadao Ando. In a traditional Japanese house there is no limit between the inside and outside space. The 20th century and the modern movement neglected this kind of space and the concept of en – adding to a sense of loss of the notion of a happy family life in the city created by the modern state. This has been exacerbated by slow economic growth, socio-economic troubles, recurring natural disasters, the omnipresence of internet and high unemployment of the younger population. The theme, the art of nexus, puts forward ways by which architecture can bring about a positive changes with the help of a dozen projects from around Japan by young architects and firms putting forward contemporary takes on the traditional concept of Engawa.

The 12 projects investigate the future of architecture, which can contribute to the regeneration of the sense of sharing and socially active community. Along with the models of the projects, the pavilion also includes photographs, videos, drawings and also large-scale construction details.

* Shibly Abubaker is a student of Indian descent born and raised in the UAE. He is currently doing his Bachelors in Architecture at Manipal University, Dubai. He had taken up Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering previously but discontinued to follow his passion in

architecture. Shibly has interests in the field of archaeology

and history of architecture. He is a travel enthusiast and loves experiencing culture, food and architecture around the world. Find out more about him on Instagram on @shibliabubakr. Follow the Venice interns on @veniceinterns and hashtags #uaeinvenice and #veniceinterns

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