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The Classic Contemporary | Aleksandar Bezinovic’s first show in Dubai

From the Shooting Targets series by Aleksandar Bezinovic.
From the Shooting Targets series by Aleksandar Bezinovic.

The Croatian artist Aleksandar Bezinovic, recently established in Dubai, will be presenting his collection of paintings and drawings tonight (April 2) at Souk al Bahar’s Sakenohana lounge.

Multiplying illusions of time, space and perspective, Bezinovic’s works acquire a mystical dimension.

After a decade spent preserving and mending cultural heritage at the Croatian Restoration Institute, the artist now feels the urge to deconstruct, when it comes to the forms he constructs or to the unconventional media he uses. Burning and scratching the metallic leaves he applies to canvases, Bezinovic creates a distinctive, aged feel.

Playing with anachronisms is another of his characteristics, appearing on a series of circular pieces. To the tradition of 16th - century archery competitions, when painters were commissioned to decorate shooting targets, he incorporates lullabies and contemporary elements, sparking contextual turnarounds.

In his Polyhedra drawings, Bezinovic explores the perspective studies of German goldsmith Wenzel Jamnitzer, considered a master of geometrical design. Pushing the boundaries of geometry and reality on computer, he then lays his ideas onto paper, deconstructing solids into their primal, organic form.

The same studies are also present in Bezinovic’s latest work, a fusion of influences combining Islamic calligraphy and architecture, inspired by Tadao Ando and Zaha Hadid. “The process of deconstruction that I applied to perfectly shaped polyhedral models is a merely creative act, characterised by the multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry, evoking the postmodern fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy”, says the artist.

Bezinovic’s show is organised by The Stache Gang – a creative platform founded by Sabrina Sghaier to give artists opportunities of showcasing their work in a more informal environment. Taking place at Sakenohana twice a month, the line-ups include international artists and designers based in Dubai.

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