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Course gives young artists novel approach

The Young Artist Programme at thejamjar aims to break through the notion that all work has to be perfect.

Children can explore creativiy at thejamjar's workshops.
Children can explore creativiy at thejamjar's workshops.

Last week, thejamjar launched its carefully engineered programme for young artists ages 9 to 12, focusing on familiarising students with slightly more sideways processes of creativity.

Critical thinking is a particular focus in the 10-week course, says Joanne Pereira, who is heading up the programme.

"It's about developing skills and techniques while building on critical thinking so that the artists can think for themselves," she says. "Learning will be brought to their level and age, so even though we're talking about building an artist portfolio that's really just training them with the right terminology."

Part of the first session aimed to take what kids might hold dear about their work and turn it upside down: students drew over each other's pieces or worked with their non-dominant hands. It was all part of breaking through the notion that all work has to be perfect and polished, says Pereira, thus freeing minds ready to experiment.

There are still a handful of places available in the course, and organisers say it won't be too inaccessible if students didn't make it to the inaugural session.

The Young Artist Programme runs every Monday from 4pm to 5.30pm until November 26, Dh2,200 for the 10-week programme. For more information, email info@thejamjardubai.com