x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

An eye on the market for Central Asian art

Guy Vesey, the director of Christie's Russia, CIS and Central Asia, has a broader perspective on art from the Stans.

Are people around the world aware of Central Asian art?

I am based out of Moscow and I cover the entire region. I can safely say there is not a huge amount of expertise in the field of Central Asian art but it is certainly something that we are becoming more aware of commercially.

Can you define Central Asian art in terms of style?

The region itself is a vast land mass and the artists differ in every way, so it is difficult to make assumptions about style, because nothing really unites them except geography. However, from a market point of view, the region is exciting for us. Not many artists are well established - and commercially, we are always looking for where the new trends are coming from.

What is your opinion about the market?

Personally, I have spent time travelling around the region and I am seeing some great works emerging. As a business we keep an eye on long-term developments and I think that although it is early days, the market will no doubt grow as a whole. Here at Christie's we want to make sure we are here early on so that our business also expands with the market.

What do you think about Alif Gallery?

I know Gayane and Natalya quite well and have spent time talking to them and advising them. I think it is a bold move to enter the market in Dubai but I wish them all the best and hope they do well.

* Anna Seaman