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Arjun Kapoor to star in Okkadu Hindi remake

Plus: Tusshar Kapoor to turn producer; Yadav and Pinto's new film delayed; Sarja to direct Jai Hind 2.

Arjun Kapoor will play the lead in the Hindi remake of the film Okkadu. AFP photo
Arjun Kapoor will play the lead in the Hindi remake of the film Okkadu. AFP photo

Arjun Kapoor to star in Hindi remake of Okkadu

Arjun Kapoor will star in the Hindi remake of Okkadu. The actor confirmed the news, stating that production will begin by the end of the year. Until then, he will have his hands full with three other projects. “We are doing Okkadu but I am not going to start that until I finish my present films, which will be by the end of this year,” the actor told reporters. “I am still shooting for 2 States. It is scheduled to release next year. I will have to check my dates to see when I finish shooting. I’m also shooting for Gunday and Aurangzeb.” The latter film will be out in India on Friday. – IANS

Tusshar Kapoor wants to turn producer

Tusshar Kapoor wants to become a film producer. The prolific actor, who has starred in more than 30 films in the last decade, says he has an itch to work behind the scenes. “Production is something definitely on my mind. I want to set up things on my own and l am waiting for the right time,” he said. “I am not thinking about directing films but I want to produce a lot of commercial films,” added the actor, whose sister Ekta is a successful filmmaker and television producer. Kapoor, 36, says the ups and downs in the life of a Bollywood actor should prepare him for the cut and thrust of the producer’s chair. “I have seen lows in my career. At times you feel helpless but it’s part of life. Then when things change, you realise those lows have helped you grow,” he said. “I take these things in a positive way.” – IANS

Yadav and Pinto’s new film delayed

The actor Rajkumar Yadav announced his next film NH10, directed by Navdeep Singh and co-starring Freida Pinto, has been delayed, although he didn’t disclose the reason. “The film was about to start shooting last month but has been pushed back,” Yadav told reporters. The movie marks Pinto’s debut in Bollywood. The 28-year-old star will play a female detective in the romantic thriller. Bollywood news sites have alleged that the film’s producers have pulled out of the project. Yadav did not comment but insisted that the film will be made and that’s he’s looking forward to working with Pinto. “I am very excited because she is not from here. She has worked outside [of India] so I am sure she must have a different experience,” said the actor. “I am really hoping to learn a lot of from her.” – IANS

Sarja to direct Jai Hind 2

Arjun Sarja will return to the director’s chair for Jai Hind 2, a sequel to the Tamil blockbuster. Jai Hind 2, which Sarja says he dedicates to the former Indian president Abdul Kalam, will focus on the flaws in the education system. A statement said that Sarja and Surveen Chawla will take the lead roles, in addition to a host of promising young actors making their debut as college students. It also said that Jai Hind 2 will not have resemble its prequel. The film will be shot in Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi, with some international destinations to be announced soon. – IANS

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