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An unlikely loves story between a beauty and a geek

She's Out of My League is reminiscent of There's Something About Mary, but once it's on and you're watching, you'll probably be glad you are

She's Out of My League Director: Jim Field-Smith Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve There is little, on the face of it, to draw you to She's Out of My League. He's a nerd; she a stunner. Somehow, they get together. His friends can't believe it. Her friends can't believe it. So far, so There's Something About Mary. And yet once it's on and you're watching, you'll probably be glad that you did so. It's not that the film's all too predictable plot is anything special; nor are its two main leads - Jay Baruchel never really convinces us that Kirk is worth it, while Alice Eve is all shiny hair, megawatt smile and not much besides. Throw in a great cast of ensemble characters, though, including the stand-up comedian T J Miller as Kirk's well-meaning reprobate pal, and Nate Torrence as his Disney-obsessed sidekick, and suddenly you've got a film that zips along quite charmingly. That's not to say it doesn't have low moments: the gross-out legacy of films such as American Pie still, it seems, looms large. And haven't we had enough of the unhinged family routine? Luckily there are enough decent comedy moments to keep it afloat, not least Stainer (Miller)'s performance of Kiss on my List as part of his Hall and Oates tribute act. It was a nice touch, too, to feature Alice Eve's real-life parents (the actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan) as their on-screen counterparts. Respect to their daughter for filming what must have been the most awkward love scene in history.

* Katie Boucher