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An A to Z guide to your next home makeover

We bring you a step-by-step guide to refreshing your home’s interior.
Scrabble Alphabet Letter Mug A. Courtesy of Yellow Octopus
Scrabble Alphabet Letter Mug A. Courtesy of Yellow Octopus

We bring you a step-by-step guide to refreshing your home’s interior.

Annie Sloan

If your old wooden furniture is in need of some TLC, grab a pot of Annie Sloan’s original chalk paint and get creative. Her transformative techniques are really easy to achieve, and the range of colours features something for everyone. Check out www.anniesloan.com or one of her books for ideas.

Bottle vases

When it comes to displaying a single flower, you can’t beat a humble bottle. You could upcycle one from the kitchen, but we love the quirky porcelain bottle vases at The Bowery Company, which come in a range of pretty pastels, with prices starting at Dh140; www.thebowerycompany.com


The copper craze still hasn’t stopped and no wonder – this warm metallic is a great way to add a touch of luxury to any look. If you want to be on trend, invest in a copper globe light or a set like Indigo Living’s Milano Five Light; www.indigo-living.com/uae

Display cases

Don’t hide your favourite treasures away – put them out for all to see in a classic display case. Printers’ trays are also a popular way of showing off smaller knick knacks, while Victorian glass cloches remain popular for mini- curated displays. For more ideas, check out Creative Display by Geraldine James; www.bookdepository.com/Creative-Display-Geraldine-James


For all that we love tracking trends, there’s still something to be said for the personalised, eclectic look. Make a pact to only buy things for your home that you genuinely love, and you’ll soon see a unique style emerging that’s all yours.


The savvy homeowner is investing in quality flooring this year. In fact, floorboards are becoming something of a statement, whether you prefer dramatic dark brown or elegant grey shades, modern chevron patterns or even splashes of colour.


Pantone’s colour of the year is a cheerful shade close to lime but less garish. Although it’s quite bright, it’s got a neutral feel to it, making it a good match for lots of palettes.

High-tech kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, tech ranks high in the style stakes. From toasters that you can see through, to kettles that you can control from your bed with your phone, to hygienic motion-sensing bins and fridges that will alert you when you are running low on essentials like milk and butter – if you can imagine it, it probably exists.

Ikea hacks

This popular and budget-friendly brand has plenty of designs to choose from, but if you want to add your own spin just search the internet (particularly Pinterest) for “Ikea hacks” to see how people have personalised their classic pieces. The creativity is impressive.


Open shelving has been a popular trend for a while now, but no one wants to see half-empty packets of sugar and cereal spilling out everywhere. Use kilner jars instead and you’ll create a sense of order that still has a personable, homely feel.

Kitchen accessories

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but making big changes in this room can be very costly. Instead, why not update your look with some new accessories? A different kettle and toaster, fresh tea towels and a new fruit bowl or bread basket can really change the feel of the space.

Lighting groups

When it comes to pendant lights, one just isn’t enough. These days, you want to have at least three, if not five or more. Group your lights in a cluster or organise them in a row – the main thing is that you create a focal-point feature.

Mandala prints

Blending the spiritual and the aesthetic, the trend for incorporating mandala prints into our homes reflects the quest for balance and harmony in our lives. You’ll find these intricate circles printed on everything from candles to rugs and throws, in every colour palette imaginable.

Nude walls

There was a time when you would create a statement wall by adding something – wallpaper, paint effects or a photo montage. Now it’s about stripping your wall back to its original material, with aged brick being a popular finish in other parts of the world. You can buy vintage brick tiles to achieve the effect in a new property.


The secret to a truly beautiful home is making sure that there’s a place for everything, so everything can be put in its place. Create a sense of order and calm by thinking carefully about your storage as well as your style, and embrace the minimalist philosophy by ruthlessly getting rid of anything you don’t need anymore.


Pastels aren’t just for babies – they’ve had a grown-up makeover this season. Enjoy a kaleidoscope of shades, like sugared apricot, frosted mint and lemon sherbet, combined with a dash of black to give the whole look a contemporary edge.

Quality furniture

We love a bargain as much as the next person, but we also understand that when it comes to furniture, investing in great quality is always the best long-term plan. Avoid the mass market and seek out craftspeople who really know their trade.

Raw white

Our love of all things artisan continues, and unfinished rustic ceramics in raw shades of white such as bone and chalk are the best example right now. We love their authentic, almost naive feel and the way the texture stops this minimalist colour from becoming sterile.


Rigid graphic prints have been in for a while but now there’s a new trend in town – splatter print. This free-form pattern of speckles, splotches and drips can inject a sense of fun into your decor, or use it sparingly in a limited palette for a more sophisticated look.


You don’t need to book an exotic holiday to feel like you’re in paradise – just embrace the tropical trend. Choose a palette of vibrant blues and greens, soft oranges and warm pinks, combined with botanical prints and natural materials.

Under stairs

If you’re looking for extra storage, check under the stairs – are you making the most of this usually wasted space? Even if you just put up a couple of hooks and use it to hang coats and bags, it’ll make a big difference.

Velvet seating

This retro fabric has made a comeback, particularly in seating. Ideal for statement pieces like tub chairs, velvet is not only supremely tactile, but it also comes in a range of vibrant colours, from peacock blue to ruby red.

World travels

Scandinavian, African and Japanese styles have all influenced interior trends in recent years, but why not take inspiration from your own travels? An eclectic mix of souvenirs – including artwork, ceramics, textiles and glassware – can add a personal finish to your home. And every time you look at a specific piece, you’ll be transported back to some foreign land.

X-factor features

If you’re looking to freshen up a room without undertaking a complete makeover, invest in a bold statement feature to add a bit of wow factor. An oversized sculpture, colourful lamp, wall mural or even a large architectural plant can all do the trick.


This cheerful colour is popping up everywhere on the design scene at the moment, but not in huge swaths. Instead, use it as an accent to bring other elements of your decor to life, kind of like salt in a stew.

Zebra print

Forget outdated Out of Africa themes, zebra print is back, but this time it’s got attitude. Use sparingly with other monochrome prints and bold splashes of accent colours such as turquoise, magenta and Pantone’s Greenery.


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